Shuffleboard Court Stencil

SKU: CS-96


Draw shuffleboard court lines yourself with our shuffleboard court stencil! This three-piece stencil kit allows you to paint regulation-sized scoring triangles and the centre deadlines. The stencil is made of recyclable and lightweight plastic (PETG) and comes with a removable film to protect the stencil while in transit.  

For application, lay the stencil out in the sun for a few hours to help flatten the plastic and use a heavy piece of wood or other material (such as a 2" x 4") to hold the stencil flat. This will ensure a straight and clean line. The lines in this stencil are regulation sized - 3/4" (0.75"). 

The stencil sets are not required if you purchase one of our Roll-Out-Courts or Deluxe Poly Courts.  

Full instructions are included with the stencil kit.