Recreational Shuffleboard Set



The Recreational Shuffleboard Set is a long-lasting and durable set that is ideal for high-use settings such as schools, resorts, cruise ships and community centres. The set includes all of the accessories you need to get playing on a court near you: 4 Recreational Cues (DOM85-C), 1 set of 8 Recreational Discs (DOM-85D) (4 black/ 4 red) and a set of rules. Shuffleboard court is not included.  

Component Details: 

Recreational Cues (DOM-85C): 

The DOM Recreational Cue was created to fulfill a need for a strong, durable shuffleboard cue that could perform and hold up to the high use demands of school, recreational and resort play. Each cue is 69” in length and comprised of a blue fiberglass shaft, our standard grip handle and a one-piece moulded ball-style head. The fibreglass shaft provides both strength and flexibility while the moulded cue head offers good disc control.   

Recreational Discs (DOM-85D): 

The Recreational Discs are ideal for recreational and resort use! Made from a strong fiberglass material, the discs have a very similar play to official tournament-style discs but are a more durable and budget friendly option. Due to their durability, our Recreational Discs are more resistant in demanding environments which make them perfect for camps, resorts, schools, cruise ships, restaurants, bars and community centers.