Metalsite Big Scoreboard

  • Scoreboard without Bar and Tray: M1
  • Scoreboard with only Bar: M1 + BAR
  • Scoreboard with Bar and Tray: M1-BT

Our 8-frame style Metalsite chalkboard scoreboard is a durable scoreboard for both indoor and outdoor use. Approved by the National Shuffleboard Association, this scoreboard displays chalk well and is easy to read. The steel is coated in enamel for sustained durability and long-lasting use. We recommend using our Shuffleboard Chalk and Deluxe Sewn Eraser with this scoreboard.  

The scoreboard comes with options to add a revolving indicator bar for singles and doubles play and a chalk tray to store chalk and erasers.  

  • 20” x 36” (without bar) 
  • 22” x 36” (with bar)