Continental Shuffleboard Set

  • Set with Standard Discs: CCS
  • Set with Beveled Discs: CCS (B)
  • Set with Seasoned Discs: CCS (S)

The Continental Shuffleboard Set is perfect for tournament play with gold anodized aluminum cues and Official Tournament Discs. The set contains 4 Continental Cues, 8 Official Tournament Discs (4 black/ 4 yellow) and a set of rules. Shuffleboard court is not included. 

Component Details:

Continental Cues (CC):

With replaceable swivel runners that help guide the disc more accurately, the Continental Cue is the perfect cue for tournament play. The 75" gold anodized aluminum shaft offers great disc control while remaining lightweight.  

Official Tournament Discs (OTD):

The Official Tournament Discs, approved by the National Shuffleboard Association, are durable, waterproof and highly chip-resistant, making them perfect for competitive shuffleboard and tournament use. The Official Tournament discs come with a standard, beveled or seasoned finish.