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Official Roll-A-Court


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We understand that buying a shuffleboard court is a large investment, therefore, our courts cannot be purchased online. Please email us at orders@domsports.com or reach out to us by phone at 416-781-2338 if you are looking to purchase a court. One of our team members will be happy to help you out with finding the court that best aligns to your playing needs.

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The Official Roll-A-Court is being discontinued. We have 5 lightly used courts left in great condition for a discounted price. 

The official full-size tournament blue Roll-A-Court has been used in tournaments for years across North America and Europe due to its ease of use, transportability and high-quality material for effortless disc glide. The Roll-A-Court is made of a flexible vinyl/rubber composition and is 6 feet wide, 40 feet long and has a thickness of less than 3/32 inches. The playing lines are painted a bright white for great visibility. 

There is no assembly required, simply roll the court out on a clean surface, add plastic beads and begin playing. After playing, sweep the surface thoroughly and roll the court back up. It can be easily stored horizontally for future games (vertical storage will result in an uneven playing surface). This makes the court perfect for a multi-use facility; the court can be set up, played, and cleared within 5 minutes to allow the space to be used for the next scheduled event.  

The Roll-A-Court is recommended for indoor use but can also be used outdoors with proper maintenance. Plastic Shuffleboard Beads are needed for play. We recommend using the Official Tournament Discs with a beveled bottom for best playing results.  

  • Length: 40’ x 6’ (Shipping size 78” x 9” x 9”) 
  • Weight: 88 lbs